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Aliens Will Lie To You – The Return of The Amino Acids

Exhibit A that aliens will lie to you!

Exhibit A that aliens will lie to you!

As I listened to the latest from The Amino Acids I was reminded of the old quote often attributed to Mark Twain: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” 

The reason I was reminded of this is because I was told a few years ago by the humans who are possessed by the aliens known as The Amino Acids – I know, it’s complicated – that the band was kaput.

Well, it looks like the aliens lied, and really, how can you trust them? Aliens have been notoriously unreliable and have always sought to subjugate humanity with the rare exception of that “Goody Two-Shoes” E.T.

See? Nice aliens!

See? Nice aliens!

Anyhow, instead of being upset, it’s time to rejoice because the new 7” “Theme from the Slack Hole” has arrived and is just the kind of platter Aminos fans love. The tracks are fast, tight and fun. The audio clips, a staple of any Aminos record, are great. Especially on the lead off track “S.P.L. (Suppressive Persons Limited)”:

“Really now, are you guys in this cult business just for the bucks?”

One can only hope that this new record will help further the cult of The Amino Acids and I think it’s a good bet. Add to it that this is a joint release between Weirdsville Records & Bellyache Records and there’s nowhere to go but up! Weirdsville has been bringing quality records and sundry items to the culture deprived masses around the Mt. Clemens area for the past few years. Meanwhile, Bellyache Records, owned by Scotty Hagen of UHF Records in Royal Oak, has grown a reputation over the last seven years for putting out a string of vinyl releases by amazing Detroit bands. A look at the roster shows marquee names like Grand Nationals, The Go, The Hentchmen, Duende! and many more. Adding The Amino Acids to the Bellyache roster should help the aliens get even more attention.

"Theme from the Slack Hole" - looks & sound great!

“Theme from the Slack Hole” – looks & sound great!

If I have one complaint about this new beautifully pressed, designed and recorded 7” from The Amino Acids it is this – it’s 6 tracks, 7 if you count the bonus on the digital download, and it only runs about 10 minutes! One can hope this is just an appetizer to a larger entree of a full LP sometime in the next year.

And hope we shall.

But then again, are you really willing to put your trust in aliens?

Doc Waffles and Eddie Logix Ready to Paint “Cats”!

If you’ve read this blog, you know my deep love and respect for #CoOwnaz, the Detroit hip-hop collective, and friendship circle, that includes such amazing artists as Passalacqua, The Anonymous, SelfSays and more. If you don’t know yet, these are the cats to watch for “the next big thing” to go global out of the Motor City.

Well, the literary lyrical prankster Doc Waffles is back with his good friend Eddie Logix, the Willie Dixon of this Chess Records-like stable of Detroit hip-hop stars, to present a new video, “Paintings of Cats”.

Title page of "Paintings of Cats"

Title page of “Paintings of Cats”


The video, directed by The Right Brothers, features locations that play heavy in the #CoOwnaz habitat. Chiefly, “The Market”, Detroit’s Eastern Market, and “The Penthouse”, the living/producing/party space on the top floor of the Atlas Building which is home to many of the collected artists including Doc Waffles and Eddie Logix.

As you can see, the trailer gives us a taste of what’s to come and several key #CoOwnaz references including the BIG MONEY CANDLE! This first taste of the sweet confection should only make your hungry for more because “Paintings of Cats” is going to be a sonic and visual feast. You’ll be able to dig in at Trinosophes on Friday August 9th, 2013 when the video premieres at Eddie Logix’s release show for his latest “Eddie Logix Plays Lykke Li” which you can get free now!

By the way, here’s a taste of a live version of “Paintings of Cats” I phone-legged back in February 2nd, 2012 at the Magic Stick in Detroit. The song starts at 3:17 in:

Care/Don’t Care by Indianapolis Artist Jamie Pawlus

Visited Indianapolis this weekend during the Cultural Trail Grand Opening and spotted this great 2010 2011 installation from artist Jamie Pawlus called Care/Don’t Care.


Born Without a Face – Michigan Hardcore Given the Deluxe Treatment

Ever see a box set so amazing, and for a band you might have never heard of, that you need to know how it happened?

That’s the case with Born Without A Face – the complete sound recordings box set: 1984-1986.

To call this set obsessive and complete is kind of an understatement because big labels don’t treat major bands this well.

The set features an artfully handmade box with a magnetic clasp. The band’s name is silk screened across the front. Inside there are three posters, a sticker, 1-12” 33 1/3rpm record featuring the “Freakshow” album, 1-12” 45rpm featuring “The Unbecoming” & “Worship” eps and a CD collecting all the tracks from the vinyl. The inside of a box includes another art piece, some notes and is part of a hand numbered edition of 300.

From a re-issue standard, the vinyl is beyond 180 gram (so called “audiophile editions”). These records are 210 gram. They are thick like dinner plates or, probably more accurately, 78rpms which the label design seems to invoke.

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Seems a Little Overkill, But Okay

I think I remember the Red Hot Chili Peppers wearing Sack Socks at one of their shows.


A Tribute to Jason Lockwood… at Small’s Hamtramck

Kind of a late post but, everyone in Detroit should be at Small’s in Hamtramck in tribute to Jason Lockwood.

Jason was a great guy that was always ready to have a whiskey shot with, hang out at shows and even helped put out an Amino Acids vinyl release for us on Hellcity Records. I’m not going to pretend I knew him as well as others have, but I can tell you it was cool when we did hang out.  I wish I could be at the show, but even worse is, it sucks that we lost him in the first place.


Thursday, December 27th – A tribute to Jason Lockwood…

A night of live music to celebrate what Jason meant to all of us, with The Jollys, The Amino Acids, Mean Mother, Bailout and Dick Hickey on the stage plus DJ’s Trent Whiskey & Abner Wigglestaff throughout
$8 Donation @ 8p.m.